Apple MacBook Pro 13" Review


The Apple MacBook Pro is a stylish laptop. The first MacBook Pro was launched in 2006, and since then there have been regular updates to the brand, the latest version being launched in early 2011.


Build quality

The build quality of the MacBook pro is exceptional. With an aluminium casing, the laptop not only feels very sturdy it also looks great. The keyboard is well designed with a decent spacing between the keys and the trackpad is probably one of the best trackpads you can find on a laptop currently, allowing the use of Apple's mouse gestures. If not being required to do a demanding task, the laptop operates silently. The display is bright and clear, however, unless you pay extra for the antiglare coating, reflections can often be noticed on the glossy screen. The ports are all found on the left side of the MacBook. Next to the ports is a gimmicky button which when pressed illuminates a number of LEDS which immediately informs the user what the current battery level is. How useful this is is somewhat debatable. Apple also use their proprietary mini display port / thunderbolt port to connect the laptop to an external device. This is another drawback as it requires the purchase of extra cables to make the port compatible with a standard VGA, DVI or HDMI connection which comes with most displays / TVs. Apple typically charge about £20 for each cable connecter, which can prove to be costly, although they can be found cheaper elsewhere.



All the latest MacBook Pro laptops run Intel i5 or i7 processors, the 2010 and earlier versions run a mixture of Intel i3, i5, i7 and Dual Core processors. Screen resolution is 1280x800 or larger depending upon the size of the MacBook pro. Typically a MacBook pro will come with 4GB of ram, however this can be upgraded to 16GB in the 2011 version, or 8GB in the 2010 version. For an extra cost, a solid state hard-drive can be installed instead of the standard ATA hard-drive.



Purchasing a MacBook is not going to be cheap. It is possible to buy a PC laptop alternative with similar specifications at a fraction of the cost of a MacBook Pro. A cheaper solution could be to buy a refurbished or second hand model. This is more of a risk in terms of the condition of the laptop, but when taking into account Apple's superb build quality history, it should be possible to locate a MacBook Pro in excellent condition at a reasonable price.


Apple OS Vs Windows 7

Apple's Mac OS is certainly a different animal in terms of design to Windows 7, but essentially they both perform the same function. As to whether one operating system is better than the other is rather subjective. It is possible with an Apple machine to run Windows 7 alongside Mac OS, typically using software such as VMWare for a small cost, allowing the user the benefits of running both systems.





The MacBook pro is a superb laptop, the build quality and design is second to none and it is a pleasure to use. The annoying display port connectivity is a small downside, and the only serious drawback is one of cost. Is it really worth spending the extra money to buy an Apple device where you can buy a PC laptop with similar specs for a lot less? For some the answer will be a definite yes.


  • Superb build quality
  • Great trackpad
  • Well designed keyboard
  • Superb display


  • Have to use Apple's display port technology to connect to external displays
  • Expensive





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Macbook pro specs

Processor Speed:2.0 - 5.0 GHz
Memory:1 - 16 GB
Storage:60 - 20118 GB
Screen size:13 - 15 inches