SAMSUNG Black N210 10.1" Notebook Windows 7 Phoenix Hyperspace OS 250GB HDD
usedScreen: 10" Storage: 250GBProc: 1.7GHz

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Samsung N210 Plus Notebook - Ultra portable Windows 7
4D 6H

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The Samsung N210 has a review average score of: 7.8
trustedReviews rating: 88

Samsung N210 - 10.1in Netbook Review

"The N210 is your standard 10.1in netbook but with the addition of Intel's latest Atom chipset..."
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cnet rating: 88

Samsung N210 review

"The N210 doesn't do an awful lot different to its rivals, but that doesn't stop it being a solid all-round netbook. Its well-laid out keyboard, excellent screen and strong battery life make it an ideal travel companion. ..."
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expertReviews rating: 88

Samsung N210 review

"It looks stunning, has great battery life and a very comfortable keyboard, but the screen lets it down slightly and there are better netbooks for the same price...."
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pcAdvisor rating: 77

Samsung N210 review

"The Samsung N210 joins the company's illustrious line of netbooks, this time armed with the very latest version of Intel Atom N450 along with a new integrated graphics processor. ..."
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N210 specs

Processor Speed:1.7 - 3.1 GHz
Memory:4 - 16 GB
Storage:250 - 500 GB
Screen size:10 - 17 inches